SMAC Moving Coil Actuators has patented their unique approach to automatic capping applications with their linear rotary electric actuators.

The patented Automatic Capping Method with real time quality feedback utilizes SMAC’s Soft-land capability which allows on-the-fly detection of contact to the top of bottle, vial, or container. SMAC’s patented ability to monitor positions, torques, lead in threads, and turns and report back in real time eliminates the need for other quality sensors or expensive vision systems. SMAC’s programable force/torque and low moving mass is ideal for precise torquing of caps.

SMAC’s Patented Smart Capping Actuators are the most advanced capping devices on the market. Linear and Rotary axes are independently programmable on SMAC actuators and SMAC’s linear direct drive motor is the fastest on the market. SMAC’s brushless DC servo motors, using a Halbach magnet array (similar to that of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider) and printed coils, have much higher torques than conventional servo motors. SMAC’s integrated vacuum/pressure ported through the rod simplifies cap pick and place.

Marrying this technology with our EIP or EtherCat controls packages or even our automagical self-programming Capping GUI, enables customers to streamline commissioning efforts, optimize performance and customize feedback to meet their needs.

Additionally, SMAC’s continuous cost down philosophy has resulted in price reduction of 40% compared to even 3 years ago making these devices cost-competitive with pneumatic actuators.